Disclaimer: All materials , contents and opinions expressed in this blog are purely personal in nature.  Readers, if any, are not to rely on the posts for advice or construe my statements as any recommendations.

A self-directed investor in Singapore, looking to invest for retirement needs.  I target to achieve about 27% increase in asset yearly, through my salary income, investment returns and conscious saving.  My target is to achieve a million Singapore dollar of investable asset (excluding my flat, CPF, insurance and wife’s asset) before I reach 40.

I achieved my target slightly earlier in end 2010, and I readjusted my target to 17% increase in investable asset yearly for the next 7 years.

By end 2017, I did not achieve my desired asset target mainly due to my inability to compound my Singapore stock portfolio at a satisfactory rate.  I subsequently  re-adjusted my target to 13% increase in investable asset yearly for the next 7 years.

I started to invest seriously in Singapore companies and stock-take my asset in year 2004.  I began to measure my portfolio performance in 2006.  My Singapore stocks portfolio achieved returns (including dividends and excluding transaction cost) as follows:

  1. 51.03% in 2006
  2. 22.55% in 2007
  3. -40.88% in 2008
  4. 67.14% in 2009
  5. 27.76% in 2010
  6. -1.54% in 2011
  7. 44.15% in 2012
  8. 17.77% in 2013
  9. 16.33% in 2014
  10. -1.82% in 2015
  11. 9.75% in 2016
  12. 19.22% in 2017
  13.  -5.94%. in 2018

My asset increased

  1. 18.29% in 2004
  2. 28.33% in 2005
  3. 42.75% in 2006
  4. 32.21% in 2007
  5.  -14.44% in 2008
  6. 71.75% in 2009
  7. 33.52% in 2010

Beside Singapore companies, I also invested in Aberdeen Pacific Equity Fund and Berkshire Hathaway (Class B stock), NTUC Income Shares and Singapore Saving Bonds.

Investing Approach

For investing, I look for businesses to be one

  1. that I can understand
  2. with (predictable) favourable long-term prospect and excellent economics
  3. operated by honest, competent and shareholders-oriented people
  4. available at an attractive price
  5. and pays consistent dividends (The cash is real! And I need the passive income…)

Join me in my journey and leave me a note !


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