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Investment Notes

An interesting read on Tiger Balm.

“…they chose a hexagon because “it’s a very auspicious shape” – and it’s easier to grip than a round bottle.”

“Last year, Tiger Balm sold 66 million units of its products, a 16 per cent increase over 2016. It is now available in about 100 countries and trademarked in 145.”

“There are about 100 workers in the Singapore factory…”


Investment Notes

The product is strong for a few reasons. It’s a 100 year-old formula that works, we sell 50 million units a year – and 50 million people in more than 100 countries worldwide can’t be wrong. Sixty per cent of the product is made from active ingredients – it’s not all wax and petroleum. That’s why a jar last between six and 10 months, as only a little is needed each time.